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The soundtrack of the art film ''Écoute, Respire // BLEU'',

commissioned by the Marc Chagall National Museum.

Duration : 9 tracks - 25:49 minutes

Release : 07/07/2021

Label : 19bb Records

Cover artwork : Monica Narr //

           Is there a journey without its music? Without its sounds? Does the sky have a sound of its own? Can you imagine the drops of water caressing the city at night in silence? I allow myself to bring together music with the slowness of meditation, the sounds of steam trains and their stations, accompanied by the rain under the bow of the cello, a baroque organ with synthesizers or even poetry readings.

           In this project the Sound is present in every part but its mission goes far beyond musical illustration. The Sound moves and travels just like Marc Chagall did in his time and many artists still do today by choice or by constraint.

#ambient #neoclassical #electronic #instrumental

© 2021 par 19 boulevard Bouillon // ilia Osokin & Jossia Clement