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Duration : 10 tracks - 44 minutes

Release : 19/12/2020

Label : 19bb Records

Cover artwork : Patrick Massabo


           Thanks to a mixture of classical and contemporary music writing, the composer makes the baroque organ dialogue with the saxophone, as well as the cello and the piano with the voices and the digital keyboards. An important part is also granted to natural sounds recorded "on the spot": a typographic printing factory in operation, a bunker in the Alps, a chapel in Nice, the seaside... it is also a journey from place to place which allowed to compose/ create/ write this album.

          Several tracks were also created during night improvisation sessions on the 18th century organ of the chapel of the Providence in Nice, in the company of saxophonist Amaro Sampedro-Lopez. It is an elaborate project mixing music, field recordings, drones and the texts of artists of the beginning of the XXth century. It was released in December 19th, 19 bb Records.

          The release of the album was celebrated the same day by a live concert being broadcasted and in free replay on YouTube accompanied by the 18-minute documentary film about the creation process of the album, directed by Guillaume Zanier.

#ambient #neoclassical #electronic #instrumental


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